Ludwig & Co. advised the stakeholders of Myskillcamp on the sale of Domoscio to Squarance

Frankfurt am Main, 19 April 2024

Squarance (Rise Up) has acquired Domoscio, a French adaptive learning specialist, from Myskillcamp. Ludwig & Co. acted as exclusive advisor to the stakeholders of Myskillcamp. The parties have agreed not to disclose details of the transaction.

Deal Team
Dr. Thomas Ludwig (Managing Director)
Hendrik Becker (Managing Director)
Artem Fey (Associate)
Konrad Angelow

About the transaction
Squarance (Rise Up) has acquired 100% of Domoscio, an adaptive learning company, in a share deal. The transaction enables Domoscio to continue its growth trend and Rise Up to integrate adaptive learning technology into its product, thereby increasing the efficiency of its own platform. The employees will remain with Domoscio.
“We are very happy to continue Domoscio’s journey with Rise Up. Together, we will successfully carry out Domoscio’s mission to revolutionize personalized learning at scale”, says Francois Thiounn, CEO of Domoscio.

About Domoscio
Domoscio is a leading adaptive learning platform provider based in Paris, France. The company aims to personalize users’ learning experience and optimize the training and sustainable development of knowledge and skills using APIs and AI-driven web and mobile applications. The platform keeps user engagement constantly high, which not only saves time, but also ensures that the content learned is remembered in the long term.
Visit the Domoscio website

About Squarance (Rise Up)
Rise Up is a provider of a modern software solution for employee training based in Paris, France. Its e-learning ecosystem offers a variety of integrations with other platforms such as Salesforce or Microsoft Teams, as well as its own app. With Rise Up, employees have the opportunity to learn both online and offline and interact in learning groups. Targeted repetitions and personalized learning recommendations reinforce what has been learned. With Rise Up, companies do not have to install completely new software but implement it in their existing environment. Thanks to the uncomplicated migration, content and progress from the previous LMS are retained. Rise Up offers ready-made training materials in over 10 languages on more than 10 topics, including digital skills, sales, project management, and much more. New learning blocks can also be created in less than an hour using a special creation tool.
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About Ludwig & Co.
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