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Dear Reader,

As an independent advisory company with no banking or brokerage operations, we are free of conflicts of interest and fully focus on optimizing our clients’ processes and results.

This automatically results in a client first approach that we live and work for. Me and my team build our success on three main pillars: highest quality advice, excellent execution, and complete independence.

As a seasoned team of investment bankers we gathered a unique track record of numerous, successful transactions in the areas of M&A, Strategic- Debt- and Equity- Advisory, as well as PE- & VC- placements.

Dear Reader,

In addition to that, we have built and seek long-term relationships of unparalleled quality, loyalty, and integrity not only with our global network of investors but also, and most importantly, with our clients.

What makes us unique, is that we are not focused on potential fees and quick profits – we are driven by the best and most sustainable solution for our clients.
As corporate finance generalists we have neither a favorite transaction size nor type, since the motivated members of our team structured and executed transactions in almost every industry sector on a global scale. Based in Frankfurt am Main, we are a flexible German firm with truly international reach.
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Our Managing Board

Having worked at: UBS, Rothschild, Boston Consulting Group and Freitag & Co., he is Founder and Managing Director of Ludwig & Co.
Dr. Thomas Ludwig

Founder & Managing Director

Having worked at: Citigroup, Lazard, Rothschild and Roland Berger he is Managing Partner of Ludwig & Co.
Hendrik Becker

Managing Director

Having worked at PWC, West Merchant Bank and WestLB, he is member of the managing board at Ludwig & Co.
Rainer Rotermund

Managing Director

Having worked at IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, Societe Generale and UBS, she is part of the managing board at Ludwig & Co.
Anna Afanassiew

Managing Director

Björn Ehring worked
at BHF-Bank & quirin bank, founded Ehring Consult and co-founded PCA Capital Advisors. He is member of the managing board at Ludwig & Co.
Björn Ehring


and Senior Advisers

Having founded SchroederCo and worked
at Aareal Estate AG, Commerzbank and Eurohypo, he is member of the managing board at Ludwig & Co.
Jürgen Schroeder

Senior Advisor

Leading positions at: Hg Capital, Freiberger Compound Materials and BERGER.UTB
Dr. Walter Berger

Senior Advisor

Leading positions at: Solisa Consult, Fresenius Kabi, Schwarz Pharma and Ucb
Ricarda Cramer

Senior Advisor

Leading positions at: UNIWHEELS AG, SHW AG, TI Automotive and MAHLE
Dr. Thomas Buchholz

Senior Advisor

Leading positions at: Metro Group, Otto Group, Hauck Group, and others
Jens U. Keil

Senior Advisor

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