Newsletter Q1 2023: Software & Technology

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Uncertainties in the first quarter of the year were different than in previous quarters.Mergers and acquisitions related to Signature Bank and Credit Suisse, the collapse ofSilicon Valley Bank and thus the possible outcome for tech startups and their developmentin the future are not clear at the moment. On the other hand, one thing changed thesoftware and technology sector in Q1. It was Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), in particular,ChatGPT from OpenAI, which led to an astonishing reaction from companies that may bethreatened by the power of AI or see a growing opportunity. Google’s parent companyAlphabet, Inc. reportedly invested around $275m (approx. €252m) in Anthropic, an AIstartup, and Microsoft-backed OpenAI will receive $10bn (approx. €9.2 billion) in newcapital over the next few years, bringing Microsoft’s stake to 49%, according to mediareports.

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