Ludwig & Co. berät bei Übernahme von Getränkehersteller Brausé

Frankfurt am Main, 13 December 2018

Ludwig & Co. beriet einen privaten Investor bei der Übernahme des innovativen Softdrinkherstellers Brausé vom Insolvenzverwalter Nils Krause of Schultze & Braun. Diese Übernahme ist bereits die zweite für Ludwig & Co. in der Getränkeindustrie in 2018.

Die Parteien einigten sich darauf, keine weiteren Einzelheiten des Deals zu veröffentlichen.

Ludwig & Co. agierte als M&A Berater.

Dr. Thomas Ludwig (Managing Director)
Nicolas Kastner (Analyst)

About Brausé
Brausé is a fruity, refreshing beverage without additional sugar; it is available in three different flavors. Besides natural mineral water, the beverage consists of different juices and a slight breeze of the South American medical plant Maca root. It is suitable for vegan-, gluten-, and lactose-free nutrition.

About Schultze & Braun
Schultze & Braun is one of Germany’s leading law firms providing advice to distressed companies, and those who do business with such companies, on all aspects of sustainable insolvency administration. No specialized insolvency firm is appointed by courts more often than Schultze & Braun.

Schultze & Braun advises clients on all aspects of restructuring, reorganization and insolvency. Regionally, nationally and internationally. Schultze & Braun develops perspectives for all parties – for entrepreneurs and employees, as well as for creditors and contractual partners. Schultze & Braun also shows clients how insolvency can be avoided. Naturally, Schultze & Braun also provides business, legal and tax advice, as well as auditing services.

About Ludwig & Co.
Ludwig & Co. is one of the Top 10 Investment Banks in the German mid cap market.

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